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Screwcap Closures for Wine

Screwcaps - the way of the future
We are gradually moving to put a greater proportion of our wines under screwcap in order to reduce our exposure to cork taint and bottle variation. We want to provide every customer with the best possible product and using screwcaps is the best way to achieve that. Not 3% or 5% or 7% potentially faulty stoppers as we have to live with using cork, but 100% right, every time.
There is a lot of misinformation about screwcap closures out there, especially the story that red wines need to take in air through the cork to develop in the bottle. Even the University of Bordeaux has refuted that one with research showing that the chemical reactions of bottle development are anaerobic. So don't listen to the unscientific negatives, and always remember that there is nothing romantic about opening a corked bottle of wine.
For more information we suggest looking the International Screwcap Initiative website.  

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